Year 5

Dear Parents/Carers,
The return of the children to class and to their learning has been wonderful to see for all of their teachers. 
As the children are now settling into the new term, the teachers will again be setting homework. However, how this is completed will need to be different to avoid the requirement for the children’s homework books to be quarantined. 
When providing homework, teachers will consider activities that do not require marking. This may include: projects, model making or research. Some activities will be marked in class by the children and overseen by the adults. For example: maths homework will consolidate that week’s learning and then be looked at in class. Children’s spellings will be sent home each half term and be tested in class each week.
Homework is an important part of a child’s education and we look forward to seeing the work that is completed by your children at home. By supporting your child at home with their homework you will be helping them to make good progress now they are back at school. Thank you for your continued support.
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During the period of school closure we are aiming to provide your children with regularly updated work. We are still here for you and the work that we suggest you complete should ensure that you continue to make progress while you are at home. It is really important to your teachers that you read regularly, practise counting or rehearse your times tables.

Your teachers will be setting you work here on the website and via ParentMail. Each week we will set activities twice a week for each year group and this will include maths and literacy tasks but also ideas to help you stay creative and healthy. Where possible we would like you to be independent, but your teachers will try to help advice, top tips or maybe even links to the internet. 

We would love to see your work and you could do this by tweeting @ArdenPrimary.

Transition Session Slides:July 2020

Transition to Year 6


Monday 20th July

CGP Work Year 5 20.7.20

20.7.20 Reading instructions Year 5

The Last Wild page 93 – 100

Y5 Maths help – 20.07.20

Y5 Additional Tasks 20.7.20

Y5 Additional Tasks Instructions 20.7.2020

Wednesday 15th July

CGP Work Year 5 15.7.20 

15.7.20 Reading instructions Year 5

15.7.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Y5 Additional Tasks 15.6

Year 5 Additional Tasks 15.7.20

Monday 13th July

The Last Wild Pages 75 – 92

CGP Work Year 5 13.7.20

13.7.2020 Year 5 Additional Tasks

13.7.20 Reading instructions Year 5

13.7.20 Maths Instructions Y5

13.7 Additional Tasks- Year 5

Friday 10th July

Literacy Answers for w.b. 6.7.20

Wednesday 8th July

CGP Work Year 5 8.7.20

8.7.20 Reading instructions Year 5

The Last Wild 63 – 74

8.7.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Additional Tasks -Y5 – 08.07

Year 5 Additional Tasks 8.7.20 Slides

Monday 6th July

CGP Work Year 5 6.7.20

6.7.20 Reading Instructions Year 5

The Last Wild – Pages 49 – 63

6.7.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Additional Tasks 06.07 – Y5

Year 5 Additional Tasks 6.7.20.Slides

Friday 3rd July

Maths and Reading Answers W.B. 29.6.20 – Y5

Wednesday 1st July

CGP Work Year 5 1.7.20

1.7.20 Reading Instructions Year 5

1.7.20 Maths Instructions Y5

The Last Wild – Chapter 6 and 7

Monday 29th June

CGP Work Year 5 29.6.20

29.6.20 Reading instructions Year 5 2

9.6.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Year 5 Additional Tasks 29.6

Additional Tasks Instructions 29.6

Friday 26th June

Answers for W.B. 22.6.20

Wednesday 24th June

CGP Work Year 5 24.6.20

24.6.20 Maths Instructions Y5

24.6.20 Reading Instructions Year 5

Year 5 Additional Tasks 24.6

Wednesday Additional Tasks Instructions 24.6

Monday 22nd June

CGP Work Year 5 22.6.20

22.6.20 Reading instructions Year 5

22.6.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Year 5 Additional Tasks 22.6

Additional Tasks Instructions 22.6

Friday 19th June

Y5 Maths Answers 18.6.20

Y5 Answers for Reading wb 15.6.20

Wednesday 17th June

CGP Work Year 5 17.6.20

17.6.20 Reading Instructions Year 5

17.6.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Slide Additional Task 17.6.2020

Y5 Additional Tasks Instructions 17.06

Monday 15th June

15.6.20 Reading Instructions Year 5

15.6.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Additional Tasks 15.6 Y5

Additional Tasks Instructions Y5 15.06

Friday 12th June

12.6.20. Literacy and Maths Answers

Wednesday 10th June

CGP Work 10.6.2020

Maths 10.6.20 Y5

Literacy 10.6.20

Year 5 Additional Tasks 10.6.20

10.6.20 Additional Tasks Instructions Y5

Monday 8th June

CGP Work 8.6.20

Literacy 8.6.2020

Volume and Capacity

8.6.20 Additional Tasks Instructions Y5

Wednesday 20th May

CGP Work Year 5 20.5.20

20.5.20 Reading instructions Year 5

20.5.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Additional tasks 20.5.20

Additional Tasks Instructions 20.5.20

Monday 18th May

CGP Work Year 5 18.5.20

18.5.20 Reading instructions Year 5

18.5.20 Maths Instructions Y5 (1)

Additional Activities 18.5.20

Additional Tasks Instructions 18.5.20

Friday 16th May

Answers for w.b. 11.5.20

Wednesday 13th May

CGP Work Year 5 11.5.20 (1)

13.5.20 Reading instructions Year 5

13.5.20 Maths Instructions Y5

Additional Tasks Instructions year 5-converted

13.5.20 Additional task instructions year 5

Monday 11th May

CGP Work Year 5 11.5.20

11.5.20 Reading instructions Year 5

11.5.20 Maths Instructions Y5

additional tasks

Additional Tasks Instructions year 5-converted

Thursday 7th May

answers 1 Why Recycle converted

answers 2 Hidding Out’. converted

Wednesday 6th May

CGP Work 6.5.20-converted

Maths Help 2

literacy help 2

6.5.20 Additional tasks instructions Y5

Year 5 additional tasks 6.5.20

Monday 4th May

Literacy Help

Math’s Help

Year 5 additional tasks 4.5.20

4.5.20 Additional tasks instructions Y5

Friday 1st May

Y5 Comprehension Answers

Y5 Comprehension Answers 2

Wednesday 29th April

Year 5 Maths and literacy 29.4.20-converted

maths help 2

Literacy Help for 29.4.20

Year 5 additional tasks 29.4.20

29.4.20 Additional tasks instructions Y5 (1)

Monday 27th April

Year 5 Maths and literacy 27.4.20 2

Year 5 additional tasks 27.4.20.docx (1)

27.4.20 Additional tasks instructions Y5

Copy of Literacy Help

Copy of Maths help

Friday 24th April 

Y5 Literacy answers 24.4.20

Wednesday 22nd April

Year 5 Maths and literacy 22.4.20-converted

summer 1 homework allotments

Monday 20th April

Year 5 Maths and literacy 20.4.20-converted a

additional tasks 20.4.20-converted

Friday 3rd April

Year 5 Literacy answers 30.3.20

Year 5 literacy answers 1.4.20

Wednesday 1st April

Year 5 Maths and literacy 1.4.20-converted

additional tasks 1.4.20-converted (1)

Monday 30th March

Year 5 Maths and literacy 30.3.20-converted

additional tasks 30.3.20

Wednesday 25th March

Year 5 Maths and Literacy 25.3.20

Year 5 maths answers 25.3.20

Year 5 Literacy answers 25.3.20

Year 5 Additional tasks 25.3.20

Monday 23rd March

Year 5 Additional Tasks 23.3.20

Year 5 Maths and Literacy 23.3.20

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Additional Resources

Singing Challenge 2020 Flier Dippy’s Explorers

Dippy’s Explorers Vocal Video:

Dippy Explorer’s – Singing Challenge KS2 Stockport

Copy of Additional Resources 3.4.20


Round the World Activities

Activities about Japan

Activities about India

Activities about China

Activities about Central America

Activities about Spain

Activities about Egypt

Activities about Australia

Activities about Thailand

Activities about the United Kingdom

Activities about Poland

Activities about Pakistan

Activities about Greece


Flower Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty ...

Knowledge Organisers

Spring 2:     Knowledge organiser – Year 5 – Stargazers

Summer 1:  allotment-knowledge-organiser

Summer 2: Beast Creator Knowledge Organiser Summer 2


Ground Breakers’ Assemblies

‘Hide and Seek’:

 ‘Whose Hands?’:

‘Who You Gonna Call?’

‘New Normal’:


‘You Matter’:

‘Knotted Up’:

‘I Hope’:

‘Keep Running’: