Year 3 20/21

  • All children have been provided with access to Google Classroom. This will be our primary method of setting work and is a learning platform that facilitates interaction between your child and their teacher. It means that your child is able to submit completed tasks to their teacher for feedback.
  • Your child will have accessed their Google Classroom pages in school although they may require some support in doing so at home. A short video providing further details regarding the accessing of assignments and how to submit work using Google Classroom is below. In addition, details about Google Classroom and the children’s log-in details have been sent to parents via ParentMail.
  • Your child’s teacher is contactable during this period on the following email address and home learning can still be shared on your child’s class Twitter account. 

Google Classroom Introduction for Parents:

Using Mobile Devices with Google Classroom:



Friday 22nd January

WALT_ Multiply by 3

Literacy – Historical Narrative 5.pptx

Literacy – Historical Narrative 5-1

Thursday 21st January

Friday 8th January. Rocks (1)

_Types of rock (1) _

Thursday 7th January. Categories of rock (1)

Maths – Thursday and Friday (1)

Thursday and Friday Literacy (1)

Thursday Literacy Volcano Sheet (1)

Wednesday 20th January

What Happens When A Volcano Erupts

Multipliying by 4

Literacy – Historical Narrative 3-1

Literacy – Historical Narrative 3

Home Learning Instructions – 20-22.01.21

Tuesday 19th January

WALT_ Use the 4 times table 19.1

Ring of Fire.pptx L

iteracy – Historical Narrative 2.pptx

Literacy – Historical Narrative 2-1

Monday 18th January

Literacy – Historical Narrative 1.pptx

Literacy – Historical Narrative 1-1

How A Volcano Is Made

Home Learning Instructions – 18-19.01.21 _

Maths 18.1 upload

Friday 15th January

Maths – Sharing and Grouping Friday Worksheet

Maths – Sharing and Grouping Friday

Literacy – Writing Instructions

Literacy – Instructional Texts – Friday

Thursday 14th January

Instructional Texts – Planning Sheet (1)

Literacy – Instructional texts – Thursday

Maths – Sharing and Grouping Thursday Worksheet

Maths – Sharing and Grouping Thursday

Wednesday 13th January

Volcano Warning Signs

Volcano Warning Sign Template

Using arrays worksheet 13.1.21

Literacy – Instructional texts – Wednesday

Home Learning Instructions – 13-15.01.21.

Tuesday 12th January

Recognise multiplication as repeated addition 12.1

Parts of a Volcano

Parts of a Volcano Worksheet

Maths worksheet 12.1.21

Literacy – Instructional texts – Tuesday

Home Learning Instructions – 11-12.01.21..

Monday 11th January

Maths Worksheet 11.1.21

Recognise equal groups 11.1

Geography – Under Our Feet

Geography – Under Our Feet (1)

Home Learning Instructions – 11-12.01.21

Literacy – Instructional texts

Thursday 7th January

Thursday Literacy Volcano Sheet

Thursday and Friday Literacy

Maths – Thursday and Friday

Friday 8th January. Rocks _

Types of rock _

Thursday 7th January. Categories of rock

Primet Primary School - Home Learning


’70 times 7′:


Home School Activities – Jamaica

Home School Activities – The Netherlands

Google Translate guide for EAL families

LATEST UPDATE 150121 Useful websites for EAL families – Primary



Tuesday 3rd November

Tuesday – Bonfire Night Comprehension Text

Place Value revision 3_11 (1)

Wednesday 4th November

Wednesday – Haiku Poetry

Wednesday – Haiku Poetry Slides

_Icarus and Daedalus

Icarus summary sheet

Times tables! 4_11

Thursday 5th November

Thursday – Firework Safety Poster Task

Bonfire Collage

Adding and subtracting 100s 5.11

Adding and Subtract 100s ws 5.11.20