Year 2 20/21

  • All children have been provided with access to Google Classroom. This will be our primary method of setting work and is a learning platform that facilitates interaction between your child and their teacher. It means that your child is able to submit completed tasks to their teacher for feedback.
  • Your child will have accessed their Google Classroom pages in school although they may require some support in doing so at home. A short video providing further details regarding the accessing of assignments and how to submit work using Google Classroom is below. In addition, details about Google Classroom and the children’s log-in details have been sent to parents via ParentMail.
  • Your child’s teacher is contactable during this period on the following email address and home learning can still be shared on your child’s class Twitter account. 

A guide to Google Classroom: A Parent Guide For Google Classroom-Arden

Google Classroom Introduction for Parents:

Using Mobile Devices with Google Classroom:



Additional Activities: Additional Resources for Parents and Carers January 2021

Friday 5th February

Maths instructions 05.02.21

Literacy instructions 05.02.21

Thursday 4th February

Proper nouns-Literacy 04.02.21

Pirate flags-History 04.02.21.

Maths instructions 04.02.21

Literacy instructions 04.02.21


Wednesday 3rd February

Maths instructions 03.02.21 (1)

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (2) (1)

Geography Task 03.02.21

Geography instructions – 04.02.21.

Blackbeard comprehension 03.02.21.

_Literacy instructions 03.02.21

Tuesday 2nd February



Maths instructions 02.02.21 (1)

Literacy instructions 02.02.21

Literacy Blackbeard note making sheet 02.02.21.


blackbeard facts typed

History instructions -lesson 4 -02.02.21. (1)


Monday 1st February

Y2-Autumn-Block-2-WO13-Subtract-2-digit-numbers-1-2019 (1)


Spellings WB 01.02.21

MINI MATHS SKILLS wk bg_1_2_21_

Maths instructions 01.02.21

Literacy 01.02.21 questions & statements

Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday (3)

Geography-map _facts of Africa

_Literacy instructions 01.02.21

Friday 29th January

Literacy instructions- Comprehension_verbs 28.& 29.01.21. (1)

Thursday 28th January

Maths instructions 28.01.21

Literacy verb sheet -task 2 28.1.21.

Literacy instructions- Comprehension_verbs 28.& 29.01.21.

Literacy Aspire Challenge 28.1.21. verbs

Wednesday 27th January

_History instructions -lesson 3 -27.01.21.

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.docx


Literacy instructions 27.01.21

Literacy sea monster writing 27.01.21.

Maths 27.01.21

Maths instructions 27.01.21

Tuesday 26th January

Y2-Autumn-Block-2-WO11-Add-2-digit-numbers-1-2019 (1) (1)

Maths instructions 26.01.21

Literacy-nouns_adjectives plan (1)

Literacy instructions 26.01.21

Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday.docx (4)

Geography-landmarks of Europe sheet -26.01.21 (1)

Monday 25th January

Y2-Autumn-Block-2-WO11-Add-2-digit-numbers-1-2019 (1)

R.E. Judaism 25.1.21. -special objects

R.E. instructions Judaism 25.01.21


Maths instructions 25.01.21

Literacy-Sea monster designs

Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday.docx (3)

_Spellings WB 25.01.2021.docx _Literacy instructions 25.01.21

Thursday 21st January

Maths instructions 21.01.21

History 21.01.21. WALT_write questions

History instructions 21.01.21.

Literacy instructions 21.01.21 (1)

Wednesday 20th January 

Writing sentences 20.1.21 literacy

Maths instructions 20.01.21

Literacy instructions 20.01.21 _

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Tuesday 19th January

Maths instructions 19.01.21

Maths 19.01.21 True or False

Literacy instructions 19.01.21

Literacy -Captain PurpleBeard description

Geography 19.01.21

_Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday.docx

Monday 18th January


Topic_Science 18.01.21

Spellings WB 18.01.2021.docx

Maths instructions 18.01.21

Maths 18.01.21 Correct or Not Correct

Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday.docx _

Literacy instructions 18.01.21

Friday 15th January

Literacy predictions questions-15.01.21.

Literacy instructions 15.01.21

Maths instructions 15.01.21

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (6)


Thursday 14th January

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (5)

Maths instructions 14.01.21

Literacy instructions 14.01.21

Literacy predictions sheet 14.01.21.

History lesson 1 -14.1.21 timeline

History instructions 14.01.21.


Wednesday 13th January

Home Learning Instructions-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (1)


Geography lesson 1 -Map of United Kingdom

Geography 13.01.21

Literacy instructions 13.01.21

Maths instructions 13.01.21

Tuesday 12th January

Topic_Science Answer Sheet 12.01.21

Topic_Science 12.01.21

Spot the mistakes!

Maths instructions 12.01.21

Literacy 12.01.21 (1)

_Home Learning Instructions-Monday and Tuesday

Monday 11th January


Science-identifying materials 11.01.21

Science 11.01.21

Home Learning InstructionsMonday and Tuesday (1)

Question Challenge Sheet_

Literacy instructions 11.01.21

Maths instructions 11.01.21

Maths Answer Sheet 11.01.21

Friday 8th January

Maths instructions 08.01.21

Literacy 08.01.21-VERBS lesson 2

08.01.21- WALT Add 2 digits and 1 digit

Thursday 7th January

KS1 Jan 2021 home learning

Literacy – adding ing -challenge sheet

Literacy -Adding ‘ing’ to verbs -pictures

Literacy 07.01.21-VERBS lesson 1

Maths 07.01.21 WALT Add 2 digits and 1 digit

Maths instructions 07.01.21

Art,Cartoon,Animation PNG Clipart - Royalty Free SVG / PNG


’70 times 7′:


Home School Activities – Jamaica

Home School Activities – The Netherlands

Google Translate guide for EAL families

LATEST UPDATE 150121 Useful websites for EAL families – Primary



Tuesday 3rd November

Year 2 Home Learning 3.11.20

Year 2 Home Learning 2 3.11.20

3.11.20 WALT Count in 2s

Maths-Tuesday 3rd November -Part whole model worksheet

3.11.20 Maths Miss Cleary WALT Count Objects

Wednesday 4th November

Year 2 Instructions 4.11.20

Year 2 Home Learning 4.11.20

4.11.20 WALT Count in 5s

4.11.20 Miss Cleary GROUP WALT Order Numbers

4.11.20 ASPIRE CHALLENGE 2s, 5s and 10s

Thursday 5th November

Year 2 Instructions 5.11.20

Year 2 Home Learning 5.11.20

5.11.20 WALT Count in 10s

5.11.20 Miss Cleary’s Group Maths Answer Sheet

5.11.20 Maths Answer Sheet

5.11.20 CC Group WALT Use a number line

5.11.20 ASPIRE CHALLENGE Count in 3s