The School Day


Open Door Policy – 8.45-8.55am.

KS2 Timetable:

  Year 3 and 4 Year 5 and 6  


8.55-9.05am            Register/Order dinners
             9.05-9.25am Assembly
9.25-9.45am Guided Reading 9.25-10.25am Lit/Num
9.45-10.45am Lit/Num 10.25-10.40am Break
10.45-11.00am Break 10.40-11.05am Guided Reading
11.00-12.00 Lit/Num 11.05-12.05pm Lit/Num
12.00-12.30pm Lesson 12.05-12.30pm Lesson
12.30-1.30pm LUNCH    
1.30-3.20pm Lesson 12.30-1.30pm Lesson


KS1 Timetable:

Year 1 and Year2
8.55-9.05am Register/order dinners
  9.05-9.30am Guided Reading
9.30-10.30 am Literacy or Maths
10.30-10.45am Break
10.45-11.05am L&S
11.05-12.00 Literacy or Maths
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-3.15pm Lessons

EYFS Timetable:

Nursery am – 8.45-11.45am

Nursery pm – 12.15-3.15pm

Reception – 8.55-12.00     1.00-3.15pm (Doors open at 8.45am)                      


EYFS- 12.00-1.00pm

KS1 – 12.00-1.00pm

KS2 – 12.30-1.30pm (2 sittings – 12.30-1.00pm, 1.00-1.30pm)

School dinners – Main Hall     

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