Meet Our Governors

The Governing Body consists of two elected parent governors, one elected staff governor, one elected staff governor, one appointed by the Local authority, seven governors from the community and the Head Teacher.

At Arden Primary, the Head and the Governing Body work in close partnership, sharing the responsibility of running the school.

The Governing Body consists of Parent Governors, Staff Governors, Local Authority Governors and Co opted Members.

Each Governor is elected or appointed and has a term of office of 4 years.

The Governing Body of Arden Primary is focused on the continuous development and improvement of the school.  We are all part of a voluntary workforce that is dedicated in helping the school to provide the best possible education for our children.

If you would like more information or would like to contact a governor, please enquire at the school office on 0161 – 430 – 2675.

Chair of Governors

Mrs S Whitelegg

Vice Chairperson

Mrs Doherty Hill

Chair of Resources


Chair of Teaching and Learning

Mrs Whitelegg

Safeguarding Governor

Mr P Wilkinson

Governor Support

Amy Paterson

Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs D Willoughby
  • Mrs Doherty-Hill
  • Mr G Waterhouse
  • Mrs S Whitelegg
  • Mr P Wilkinson

Parent Governor

  • Mr Taylor Roberts
  • Mr Vearnels

LA Governor

  • Vacancy

Staff Governor

Mr R Ogilvie


Miss N Haddock


Mr A Briggs (DHT)

Mrs V Howe (SBM)