This policy exists to make clear Arden Primary School’s procedure for the handling of parental concerns and complaints relating to the school or any services that the school provides. The  procedures aim to reassure parents and others with an interest in the school that:

  • Any concern or complaint will be dealt with in a fair, open and responsive way, with the aim of achieving a speedy and satisfactory resolution
  • The school recognises that a willingness to listen and to respond positively can lead to improvements in school practices and provision for pupils.

Raising concerns
A concern is defined as an expression of worry or unhappiness regarding an incident, event or other matter in school. Parents are encouraged to raise concerns regarding their children and matters arising in school with individual members of staff, particularly the child’s class teacher, in the first instance. In most cases, the class teacher or the individual delivering the service should
be able to offer to address the concern and help resolve the matter. Staff should attempt to respond to a concern within five working days. Where parents feel that the concern has not been addressed within an agreed period of time, they should seek a further meeting with the member of staff.  Failing this, parents are asked to contact the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher of the school to discuss the matter.

Where parents feel that, despite informal discussions with a member of staff, an issue has not been considered or resolved, they are encouraged to express concerns in a more formal way. This may be done by telephone, in person or in writing. This may simply be a more formal expression of concern or a complaint which is defined as a clear statement of dissatisfaction about any specified aspect of the school’s work.
All written complaints should be addressed to the Headteacher even if the complaint regards the conduct or behaviour of the Headteacher. In this case, a written copy may also be sent to the Chair of Governors.


Pleaee click HERE to read our school Complaints Procedure in full