Bee in The City

Arden’s Bredbury Bee

There’s a buzz about Arden as children have designed and painted a giant honey bee sculpture as part of a Manchester art project.

Arden’s design was just one of over 131 giant bee sculptures, created by local school children. Most of the swarm were on display in Manchester city centre‘s public spaces and buildings during the summer. A further 101 super-sized bees were designed by different artists and celebrated the unique buzz of Manchester.

The Bee in the City sculpture trail, organised by Manchester City Council and Wild in Art, is inspired by Manchester’s celebrated worker bee emblem which has been part of the city’s heraldry for over 150 years.

The trail was on display throughout the city for nine weeks from 23rd July to 23rd September 2018 for Mancunians and visitors to enjoy whilst taking in the city’s landmarks, cultural gems and areas they may not have explored before.

A Bee in the City map and/or an app could be downloaded to ‘check in’ with each bee and track all those you see to try and complete the trail!

Look out for Arden’s Bredbury Bee – Number 36

More Information can be found by clicking HERE


Design Inspiration:

Arden’s Bredbury Bee.

Location:  It was at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre.

Our bee is now back with in school and is displayed in our entrance corridor.

We are pleased to introduce Arden Primary’s Bredbury Bee – this collaborative design reflects the rich and exciting learning experiences we have at Arden. Ideas were drawn together from several individual sources to inspire our collaborative final piece.

Each section of the Bee mirrors our varied curriculum, vivid year group colours and our school ethos: Believe, Respect, Reflect, and Achieve. Every year group has left their mark on the Bredbury Bee-making it a truly inclusive project. Our favourite topics, our child-centered learning and our enthusiastic learners have become a part of the Bee.

In the words of Arden’s children, “Arden is a place where anyone can be happy.”