Assessment and Reporting to Parents

Assessment of children’s progress is an ongoing process and teachers use it as a tool for planning appropriate work for each child.

We take samples of children’s work throughout the year and use it as a record of achievement and to set children targets for the next steps in their learning.

Teachers keep detailed records of children’s progress and a written school profile is given to parents at the end of each academic year. We also arrange regular parent evenings where parents, children and teachers meet to discuss children’s achievements and progress. Interpreters are available on request.

At the end of KS1 (Year2) and KS2 (Year6) children undertake nationally set tasks and tests and, alongside teacher assessment they help to place each child at a particular level within the National Curriculum. Results of these assessments are given to the parents at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.

It is important to remember that each child not only develops at a different rate, but also has a different starting point when they enter school.

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