Anti-Bullying Policy 2019

Aims & purpose of the policy

 At Arden Primary school we are committed to working with children, staff, governors and parents/carers to create a school community where bullying is not accepted.

At our school the safety, welfare and well-being of all pupils and staff is a key priority. Our school is a place where people have the right to be themselves, to be included and to learn in a safe and happy environment. Everyone at our school is equal and treats each another with respect and kindness.

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will be identified and thoughtfully dealt with at our school. We take all incidences of bullying seriously and it is our duty as a whole school community to take measures to prevent and challenge any bullying, harassment or discrimination.

We actively promote values of respect and equality and work to ensure that difference and diversity is celebrated across the whole school community. We want to enable our pupils to become responsible citizens and to prepare them for life in 21st Century Britain. These values reflect those that will be expected of our pupils by society, when they enter secondary school and beyond in the world of work or further study.

We are committed to improving our school’s approach to tackling bullying and regularly monitor, review and assess the impact of our preventative measures.


 We define bullying as:

 Bullying is the purposeful choosing of behaviours that threaten, intimidate or hurt someone, which is often, but not always, repeated overtime, which involves a real or perceived power imbalance.


To read our complete Anti-Bullying Policy please click the link below:

Anti-Bullying Policy – Nov 2019

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